Cancer is a complex problem requiring complex solutions. This means bringing together experts from a variety of disciplines to create collaborative research endeavors and clinical care teams. We offer the full continuum of personalized care, from prevention through diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment support.

We are part of the Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, a world-renowned academic medical center located in midtown Manhattan. So if a patient who is being treated for cancer has another non-cancer medical need, such as heart disease, we have expert medical staff in place to provide that care, too. Our focus is on treating the patient, not the disease. Patients can get all the care they need within a single health system.

We serve a diverse patient population. Our patients come from all cultural backgrounds, from a variety of socioeconomic levels, and from many different countries. Since cancer patterns and outcomes may vary according to such demographics, this means our doctors and other healthcare professionals learn a great deal about cancer by observing its presentation and behavior in different patient groups. Such knowledge can lead to the development of better diagnostic and treatment services for all patients, regardless of their backgrounds.

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